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How to increase your brain power and IQ level by Asif Nadeem
How to Increase Brain Power & IQ IQ is determined in a scientific manner by assessing one's memory, general knowledge, spatial imagery and problem solving skills. Scientific studies have proven that it is possible to increase one's intelligence by undertaking a set of simple exercises on a regular basis. Keep asking for more from your brain. Remember that the brain also tends to stop ...
Slitherlink by Lisa

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About 2 weeks ago I posted the question How did you get here and why did you stick around? in the forum. It was posted on almost all of our sites and many users, old and new joined this ...
by jade - 2 days ago
Iam an eight letter work.Remove 1st letter and you can eat me.Remove the last letter and you can drive me.A famous personality's name is hidden in me.I become a number if you remove four ...
by Guest - 4 hours ago
Iam a 5 letter word,u see me everyday,if u remove my first letter you will use me for safety
by Guest - 6 hours ago
5-4 23 8-1 63 6-16 32 9-9 78 3-9 6 3-81 ?
by Guest - 12 hours ago
awesome pic bro!!!!!:thumb-up: ;) :P
by Aswin Rettin - 2 days ago
2+1=1 3+9=3 4+4=22 5+25=115 6+16=?
by nikhil - 4 days ago
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