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How to increase your brain power and IQ level by Asif Nadeem
How to Increase Brain Power & IQ IQ is determined in a scientific manner by assessing one's memory, general knowledge, spatial imagery and problem solving skills. Scientific studies have proven that it is possible to increase one's ...
What are the ingredients for a good puzzle? by Asif Nadeem
Puzzles have been popular for ages, and all languages and civilizations have different kinds of tricky questions to be answered. Puzzles are fun, and they make your mind think beyond the everyday routine. In fact, they are an effective ...
Slitherlink by Lisa
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Emerald June or Lily June or Bisal Chaemina
by Silver14 - 11 minutes ago
5letterword,ifyouremovefirst letter i will be force of energy which is the word?
by Guest - 23 minutes ago
Answer three days before.. Today
by Silver14 - 27 minutes ago
Answer is B. 800.. Because fake 1000 is worth 0 rupees.. He borrows 1000 and retains 200 which s profit. He again repays 1000 excluding profit of 200i.e. 1000-200=800
by Silver14 - 36 minutes ago
i'am an 8 letter word First 4 is the question 2,3,4 protects our head 6,7, 8 is a software 7,8 are same letters. Who am i....??
by Guest - 5 hours ago

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