What Are The Ingredients For A Good Puzzle?

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Puzzles have been popular for ages, and all languages and civilizations have different kinds of tricky questions to be answered. Puzzles are fun, and they make your mind think beyond the everyday routine. In fact, they are an effective means of enhancing your mental skills and IQ, in addition to enhancing your vocabulary.

Designing/making a puzzle is as challenging as seeking the answer to one. Here are a few of the guidelines for making an intriguing and truly challenging puzzle.

1. Use the correct the language and text to avoid any ambiguity. The language of the puzzle is extremely important, and one must think of the native language/understanding of the readers and omit any unwanted or confusing words.

2. The clues must be specific, yet vague enough. Too vague a criteria, and the reader loses interest in the wild goose chase. Too specific clues, and you either make the puzzle extremely easy or almost impossible to crack. Both reduce the interest of the reader.

3. For word puzzles, longer words are relatively easy to determine, particularly if you have the ending or starting letter and the total number of letters.

4. Puzzles are not limited to the word games alone. Any object you see around can be transformed into a puzzle with relevant clues.

5. Mathematical/sequential puzzles are good exercise as you have to find the logic. Make sure that the logic does not become illogical at any instance.

So what are you waiting for? Start hitting us with your best shot!

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  • Vale: What are the answers to the puzzles in the picture? I got running in circles and crossed eyes... What are the other two?
  • gail: Mixed feelings and microphone @Vale
  • Vale: Thanks gail!

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