Under The Sea.

The solitaire version of Battleship was invented in Argentina in 1982 under the name Batalla Naval, with the first published puzzles appearing in 1982 in the Spanish magazine Humor & Juegos. Battleships was created by Jaime Poniachik, founder of Humor & Juegos, and Eduardo Abel Gimenez, Jorge Varlotta, and Daniel Samoilovich, who were editors of the magazine.

The Battleship puzzle (sometimes called Solitaire Battleships or Battleship Solitaire) is a logic puzzle based on the Battleship guessing game. It and its many variants often appear in puzzle contests, such as the WPC, and puzzle magazines, such as Games magazine.

The puzzle is played in a grid of squares in which ships of different sizes are hidden. Numbers alongside the grid indicate how many squares in a row or column are occupied by part of a ship.

Here you have a game of Battleship, enjoy.

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