A Will Problem

A man died leaving his property of 17 elephants to his 3 sons A,B,C...but their father made a will.... according to this ,A will get half of total property;B will get one-third &C will get one ninth..the sons get baffled....a wise friend of father had a solution..he satisfied the sons,and also the provisions of the will-without cutting the elephant...how is that?

1 year ago #2

Lets consider, just for the sake of ease of computation(as told by the wise friend) that there are 17+1 = 18 elephants!

so A gets 9 (50%)
B = 6(1/3 rd)
C =2 (1/9 th)

total 9+6+2 = 17 everyone is happy when life gives a bit extra!

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